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[Course] Semester Project 2017-2018
Posted: 16 November 2017 11:52 AM   [ # 16 ]
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Dear all,

As mentioned in class this morning I will by this post share two links of google documents that will be used during the semester project.
The first link is for the collection of the project titles, descriptions and images.
Please fill in the fields soon as possible, the document is obviously editable by you guys but make sure the final title, description and image is in there before noon 22 november.

First link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O9K1kA0MoFjsmWNM6F8GmyN5r3-exWwV-GK5wuV—OA/edit?usp=sharing

The second link is for collecting contact information and for addressing which materials you would like to borrow form MT and what you would think you need during the expo. Think also about tables chairs power sockets etc. Please put your info in as soon as you know it, you always can edit, add or remove stuff later. The sooner I know, the larger the chance I can be of any help.

Second link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10-smrFVaY2tYQyvtBAjbWW5nBGuMWC_HVpY3cJx5feU/edit?usp=sharing

All the best,

Posted: 04 December 2017 04:42 PM   [ # 17 ]
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Dear second year students, the following e-mail was sent to the email address that you provided when you applied for the Media Technology MSc program. Just in-case, I post it here also, since some of your addresses may now be invalid. The table-formatting below is fucked-up; see the original email for proper formatting.

Dear students and coaches,

Coming Thursday (December 7) is the collective preview of the Semester Project works. Groups will shortly present previews of their works, but not necessarily the final works. Groups are encouraged to present/simulate the visitor experience that they have in mind for their work; this may be achieved through Wizzard-of-Ozzing technological components.

This is what the Semester Project Manual says about the preview:

  About two to three weeks before the exhibition we want you to present your work as a part of a collective preview. The preview is for the present coaches and your fellow students. It is a moment for you to ask for feedback and it is also a moment in which the present coaches will tell you their concerns regarding the content and/or the presentation of the work. The preview is intended to give you some insight in what the different coaches find important and gives you the opportunity to implement some changes before the public exhibition.


Each group has 10 minutes to finalize the setup of their work, and 15 minutes to present and discuss it. Below is a schedule for the presentation (created by http://www.random.org). Within each time-slot falls the 10 minutes setup and presentation.

 The Love of Love
        In Sync
       The Socially Desirable Answering Machine
        Disconnected Identity
        Not Here
Not Now
The Abstraction Project
        Shaping Words
        Excuse Me

 drinks in the FooBar 

Changes to the schedule:
Changes to the schedule can only be made by swapping an assigned slot with another group, and only with informed consent by both groups. Swaps must be announced via an e-mail with at least the following To-recipients (not BCC): all members of both groups, both coaches, Maarten, Max, and Edwin. Changes can be made until Wed Dec 6, 17:00:00:0000 exactly, later swaps will not be accepted.

Drinks afterwards:
Starting at 17:00h, we will have a “borrel” (social drinks) in the FooBar. All Media Technology students, staff, alumni and Semester Project coaches are invited to join. Please spread the word!

We encourage you to attend these previews, but have respect for possible agenda conflicts. If possible then please attend the preview of your own group.

Important Dates:
- Thu Dec 7, 10:00-16:00 preview & 17:00-19:00 drinks in the FooBar
- Wed Dec 20, 09:30-16:00 evaluation session (at V2 in Rotterdam) & 17:00-19:00 exhibition opening
- Thu Dec 21 - Sat Dec 23, 12:00-18:00 exhibition (at V2 in Rotterdam)

Important Links:
- Semester Project Manual: http://mediatechnology.leiden.edu/images/uploads/docs/semester-project-manual.pdf
- exhibition announcement: http://mediatechnology.leiden.edu/news/language


Posted: 08 December 2017 03:37 PM   [ # 18 ]
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Dear students,

as stated in the Semester Project Manual and mentioned yesterday at the Preview Session, all groups must submit a paper one week before the Exhibition Opening. This means that the submission deadline is WEDNESDAY DEC 13, 18:00h.

Please submit the paper in PDF format via the Blackboard for the “Semester Project Media Technology 2017/2018”, to which you are all enrolled.

See the Semester Project Manual for details about the paper.

Posted: 11 December 2017 04:56 PM   [ # 19 ]
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Hi all,

For those whom want to make use of the transport to V2_, this will be Friday 15th December at 8:30.
Make sure everything is collected, bundled and is ready for transport.

Loading the van will start at 8:30 at Snellius.
Make sure people from your group are there to help loading to be sure everything goes in and is handled well!
If you have borrowed stuff from MT and it has a protective box (for instance the IMacs) put it in the box beforehand.
If not so and it is delicate, get, make or buy something to ship it in.

If projects or parts of it are not at Snellius, get in contact with me and I will check if there is a possibility to pick it up between Snellius and V2_.
Furthermore, I would advise to bring (small) expensive stuff yourselves, Monday morning.

If there is nobody to help or to tell me what to take to V2_ I simply can not take it there.
Since I can only take two people in the van I will take one member of team LOVE and one member of team SYNTHETIC to drive with me to V2_ to unload.
Keep in mind, if your project is large I can ask u to travel to V2_ to help unloading.

Good luck with the last bits and pieces.


Posted: 13 December 2017 11:10 AM   [ # 20 ]
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Today is the paper submission date. Do not forget to submit your paper before 18:00h via the Blackboard page, under “submit paper”. You were all enrolled in that course.

Posted: 22 December 2017 10:01 AM   [ # 21 ]
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Hee guys I created a google photos link so we can share photos with each other. Just click on this link and upload them if you would like.


Cheers Stijn

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