Final project SNV & museum visit
Posted: 11 June 2017 09:49 AM
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Dear students, regarding the final project some additional info:
- You may do this project in couples; but in that case I expect more of you.
- At 21 June you are expected to present your projects. Take 7 minutes for your presentation; I think we’ll need until 16:00.

Criteria for grading are as follows:
- Does the project indeed convey understanding? (According to the criterion we agreed on in class.)
- Does the project make efficient use of form - given the content of the classes.
- Is the project in accordance to the reading material?
- I give extra poins for highly creative, unexpected projects.

Here are some examples of good projects from previous years:
- (a series of pictures about uncertainty),
- (a game / simulation about evolution),
- Final assignment - Hanneke Reinders.pdf?dl=0 (an object to explain epi-genetics).
Other examples from previous years include a physical game to explain emergence; an installation that illustrated recursion in real time; an animation to illustrate the concept of “fractal dimension” (related to chaos theory).

Regarding the visit to Teylers Museum next wednesday 14 June:
- Be there at 10:00 sharp! (No academic fifteen minutes.)
- Please take your “museum card” if you have one.
- I’ll give you an assignment for walking through the museum; you have 45 minutes for this. Afterwards we’ll regroup and discuss your findings. We have 30 minutes for this; I have to leave at 11:30.