[Amsterdam] Teacher/researcher Software Engineering
Posted: 16 May 2017 03:01 PM
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At the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences we have some job openings for new teachers/researchers for the program HBO-ICT (better known as Informatica).
The job description is in Dutch and only describes the teaching aspects. But teaching in English is possible as well and as a teacher/researcher myself I know from a fact that a combination with research in a possibility.
At the Digital Life centre research group we have a job opening for a teacher/researcher interested in Software Engineering.
You would be working either in the newly started EyeBeacons project, were we guide the visually impaired using bluetooth beacons, the smartphone and an online platform,
or the Playful Data-driven Active Urban Living (PAUL) project, were we motivate people to exercise in an urban area using bluetooth beacons and the smartphone.

Details about the job description of the teaching aspect can be found at http://www.hva.nl/vacatures/907245/docent-Software-Engineering-(0,6-1,0-fte)?origin=multuOUrRd+kfCmjM7CCpA
and a more general job description at http://www.hva.nl/vacatures/906860/docent-ICT-(0,6—-1,0-fte)-?origin=multuOUrRd+kfCmjM7CCpA

If you have questions about the research aspect (or how it is to teach as a former Mediatech student) feel free to contact me j.h.f.van.der.bie[at]hva.nl


Joey van der Bie.
Teacher and researcher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences