Monday, May 1: Lectures at LIACS
Posted: 28 April 2017 11:02 AM
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Herewith you are cordially invited to attend the following two lectures on Monday May 1.

10:00-10:30: Dr. Alfons Laarman (TU Vienna, Austria) in room 174
Title: Parallel Strongly Connected Component Algorithms

Network topologies, social networks, the control-flow of a programs and many other structures in IT are stored as graphs. Analyzing graph properties is therefore a core problem in computer science. And in an age of parallel computing, parallel graph analytics has become an urgent challenge. This lecture will introduce parallel algorithms for decomposing a graph into strongly connected components (SCCs). Tradeoffs between different ways of parallelizing the algorithms are discussed and the practical behavior of these algorithms is compared experimentally. Only a BSc background in computer science is assumed as the related concepts in graph theory, complexity theory, parallel computing and algorithmics will be rehashed briefly.

14:00-14:30: Dr. Robert Brijder (University of Hasselt, Belgium) in room 312
Title: Molecular Computing

The research field of molecular computing is concerned with designing (programming) molecular processes that perform computations. Molecular computing has exciting potential in nanoscience, biology, computer science, and medicine. In our talk we discuss how to program computations using chemical reactions and we also consider techniques to verify long-term behavior of chemical reaction networks.