[Jun 26-30] MLCC 2017 - Free 1 week crash course in Machine Learning, Genoa (selection by cv)
Posted: 06 April 2017 10:39 AM
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See http://lcsl.mit.edu/courses/mlcc/mlcc2017/

MLCC 2017 - Machine Learning Crash Course in Italy

Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC)
to be held 26 June - 30 June 2017, Genoa, in the heart of the Italian Riviera.

A 24 hours introductory machine learning course, including theory classes and practical laboratory sessions, MLCC 2017 covers foundational concepts and essential algorithms in Machine Learning.
Course website: http://lcsl.mit.edu/courses/mlcc/mlcc2017/

The course is free of charge. Registration is required.
Register here https://goo.gl/forms/ioQhJk1FXn3ppnTE3, *BEFORE*: April, 30th 2017.

The maximum number of participants is set to 120. Registration will be handled based on CV selection.

Best regards,
Anselmi Fabio, on behalf of all the other organizers
Lorenzo Rosasco Gian Maria Marconi   Raffello Camoriano