Dutch television program needs your help to build a robot
Posted: 07 March 2017 11:02 PM
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Dear students,

a friend of mine works for a science program on Dutch television. They would like to undertake a social experiment involving a robot, preferably something like the “hitchBot” project (http://mir1.hitchbot.me/). The robot does not have to be very technically advanced (it need not even move), but it should have the following functionality:

0) it should be operated from battery/powerpack/car-lighter-power-outlet.
1) its position should be tracked via the internet,
2) it should take occasional photo’s, for example a photo every 15 minutes, and preferably upload them somewhere, or post them to social media,
3) it should do something that creates even a small illusion of social interaction. For example, it could ask you questions, or tell you things, or remark on your driving if it senses motion on the accelerometer. In the best possible case, it would make a very simple conversation, but simpler interaction is also OK.

Its physical appearance can be very simple and constructed from household items (like in the case of hitchBot).

Requirements 0, 1, and 2 could be solved using an Android phone with a prepaid SIM card. Requirement 3) is slightly more complex.

And it should work in the week March 20-24, which is very soon :-). And the director wants to know if this is possible tomorrow.

Anyone interested to take up this challenge!? If so, text me on 06 2032 1225.