[Mar 13] Benelearn Applications Track CfP - includes creative applications
Posted: 15 February 2017 06:58 PM
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Benelearn is the Belgian Dutch conference for Machine Learning and this year includes a track specific for applications of machine learning. It is called the industry track - a bit of a misnomer as it explicitly also invites papers on creative coding and artistic applications of machine learning. You can submit papers on original work, but also short abstracts are welcome (1-2 pages). The conference will be in Eindhoven in June and typically conference fees are fairly low (accepted papers can apply for financial support from Media Tech).

From http://wwwis.win.tue.nl/~benelearn2017/industry.html


The Industry Track is a special track within the Benelearn conference focussing on topics related to applications of machine learning, data mining and data science. A long history of machine learning research exists, but recently there has been yet another sudden surge in interest in machine learning applications within industry, the public sector, arts and the general public, as well as in societal aspects such as privacy, existential risk and using machine learning for the social good.

Topics of interest

We aim to attract researchers as well as practitioners, end users or policy makers with an interest in machine learning applications. Contributions could be case application studies, demonstrations, but also papers that more in general discuss topics that are relevant in the context of widespread application of machine learning, such as methodology, standards and platforms, ethical and societal aspects.

A non-exhaustive list of topics includes:

Industry applications, for example in banking, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, ecommerce, transportation and law
Artistic, creative research and creative coding applications
Public sector applications, such as government, non profit, NGO, citizens applications
Scientific research applications, on scientific domains outside machine learning
Applications in marketing, sales, credit risk, supply chain, human resources, customer service, CRM, customer experience, quality management and production
Machine learning and data mining for the social good
Machine learning in games and gaming
Machine learning for chat bots, conversational systems and other forms of human computer interaction

Machine learning for business experimentation, optimization and testing
Learning from images, video, audio, texts, networks, streams and other media
Automation of end to end data mining; machine learning methodology, processes and pipelines; metalearning
Application topics beyond the core modeling step such as data preparation, model evaluation and diagnosis, deployment and monitoring
Industry and web scale machine learning
Machine learning and big data
Open and open-source machine learning
New machine learning standards, platforms, toolkits and data resources
Driving user adoption and democratization of machine learning and data mining
Machine learning in education; Teaching machine learning
Ethical, political, privacy or existential issues and risks related to machine learning
Any of the topics mentioned in the general Benelearn CFP, but discussed or researched from an application point of view


March 13, 2017 Submission due (for both full and short papers)
April 15, 2017 Notification of acceptance
May 15, 2017 Final papers due
June 9-10, 2017 Conference days