[March 31] Design Challenge Empowered by Robots (2.5k/10k awards)
Posted: 29 January 2017 01:50 PM
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Deadline March 31

From http://www.empoweredbyrobots.com/homepage.html?lang=en

Humans and robots

The increased presence of robots in our world scares lots of people. They tend to think robots will cost millions of jobs. But can robots also create jobs and employment? Can they empower those who are currently having trouble finding a job because of the specific situation they are in?

Design Challenge

Are you a designer, tech lover, student, start-up, futurist or robot enthusiast, who will help us shape the future with innovative and feasible ideas?
How can emerging technologies (robots, drones, artificial intelligence) create new perspectives for the labour market?

What can you win?
- Having your design on display at the Dutch Design Week 2017 in a 10-day exhibition
- € 10.000,- and intensive professional coaching!