[Feb 6] Intetain 2017 Call for Papers, Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment
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Intetain is a conference that frequently features Media Tech contributors. In 2016 Jorrit Siebelink, media tech alumnus, won the best paper award, with Peter van der Putten and Maurits Kaptein as co authors.
See http://mediatechnology.leiden.edu/news/intetain-2016-best-paper-award-for-student-jorrit-siebelink

Note that students with accepted papers at conferences or workshops are eligible for partial financial support from Media Tech.

Deadline Feb 6, see below


From http://www.intetain.org/2017/show/home

9th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment

Digital technologies are woven deep into the fabric our everyday existence. Play and entertainment serve a crucial role in determining how such technologies evolve, having served both as catalyst for the development of novel devices and interaction paradigms, as well as proposing novel uses for technology.

The 9th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (INTETAIN 2017) celebrates the future of Interactive Entertainment by inviting researchers to submit contributions around developments and insights in art, design, science, and engineering regarding novel entertainment-focused devices, paradigms, reconceptualisations, and reconfigurations of entertainment experiences.

INTETAIN is a small gathering of curious minds, focused on supporting a community of practice. Instead of crowds of people who may miss the chance to connect in the face of overly tight timetabling, we prefer to have a select group of people conversing about a select group of papers.

Topics of interest for INTETAIN include, but are not limited to:

- Entertainment AI: procedural content generation, agents, and machine learning
- Game and character design: tools, theories, and case studies
- Gamification and serious games: principles and applications
- Human factors: emotion, immersion, skill, and style
- Non-human agencies: media, music, robot, and animal
- Intelligent environments: ambient, virtual, and mixed reality
- Interactive media: TV, social media, art, and storytelling
- Invasion of entertainment: locative media, mobile guides, and companions
- Novel interfaces and sensors: affective, multimodal, and bodily interactions

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This is a very suitable conference for Media Technology projects, as its scope is very broad. Me and Wim van Eck will be submitting there also,