[Oct-Nov] Student job at Centre for Innovation, Leiden University The Hague
Posted: 12 October 2016 01:00 PM
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See below for a student job (Editor/designer/writer) for Oct-Nov at the Centre of Innovation, Leiden University The Hague.

The contact person, Christophe Stettina, below has also worked at LIACS.


(Editor/designer/writer) Innovation and Management Toolkit

Student Profile
Media student with affinity for design writing and design skills and an interest in innovation methods

Centre for Innovation is opening it’s toolkit of innovation and management methods to the outside world. We need you to make it accessible.

The Centre for Innovation at Leiden University connects connect faculty, students, partners, market and society at large. As an innovation catalyst we adopt and create new methods and workshop formats to help the university and partners create new products and services. In order to inspire and give good examples of how we work we created an online toolkit with practical tools and workshop formats. The current version of the website and the respective tools can be found here: http://www.centre4innovation.org/innovation-works/use-our-toolkit

Your assignment
While a first version of the toolkit is already online, the tools are incomplete and in different formats. The formats need to be unified and used for a common purpose, for a more sharply defined audience. You will be working with the team to come up with a project description that includes scope (what is in, what is out), objectives (what do we want to accomplish with the toolkit) and targetgroups (who is it for)  to pinpoint the missing tools as well as assessing the best common template, and then implementing the more sharply defined toolkit in a way that is more accessible for the targetgroup (both visually as ease of use).

(1) Analyze what tools are missing based on scope, objectives and targetgroups, with our help
(2) Bring the tools into a common template
(3) Make the tools textually accessible and visually attractive
(4) Help us to improve the method of selection of the tools on the website

Centre for Innovation @ Leiden University, The Hague

Time Frame
October/November 2016 - Part time (20h/week for 8 weeks)

Dr. Christoph Johann Stettina
Research & Innovation
Centre for Innovation / Humanity X
Leiden University – Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs
E: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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I got an email a couple of days ago they are still open for applications - just in case you have seen this message later.