[Phd, deadline sept 30] Citizen Science with Ionica Smeets
Posted: 14 September 2016 03:34 PM
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See below for a PhD position in Citizen Science which is a theme that fits Media Technology as well, with prof. Ionica Smeets who has been involved in Media Technology prior (for example as Semester Project coach),

There is a formal requirement for a math related background such as math or CS so if you have questions about this reach out to Ionica. I would recommend reaching out anyway to her for more context if you are planning to apply.

Deadline September 30.


We are looking for a strong, motivated candidate for a four-year PhD project at the intersection of Science Communication and Mathematics, on the topic of Citizen Science Projects in the context of networks.

There is currently a boost of projects where citizens are involved with science (see http://www.iedereenwetenschapper.nl). This PhD project is expected to spark theoretical advances in the theory behind citizen science, making fundamental contributions in the area of science communication. Who are the participants and what do they take away from a project? How can these projects be used for communicating scientific ideas? And what makes a citizen science project successful?


We are looking for a strong, motivated candidate with an excellent background in mathematics, as evidenced by an MSc degree in mathematics, or possibly related disciplines such as computer science, econometrics or operations research

For more info see http://werkenbij.leidenuniv.nl/vacatures/phd-posities/vacature16-260phdsciencecommunication.html