PhD position at TU Delft: Application deadline July 21
Posted: 19 July 2016 05:02 PM
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PhD: Analysis of Texture Rendering in Painting

The position is linked to the NWO NICAS project “Recipes and realities”. An analysis of texture rendering in still-life painting and the pictorial procedures of Willem Beurs, in which two PhD students, six expert advisors and three museums will collaborate, coordinated by Prof. Jeroen Stumpel (Utrecht University) and Prof. Sylvia Pont (Delft University of Technology). This PhD position is particularly focused on characterising and describing painted material structures and on psychophysical testing to discover which attributes or painterly shortcuts trigger the perception of painted materials. In other words, we will study why Dutch Golden Age art is so amazingly effective with regard to “stofuitdrukking” or material expression. Planned multidisciplinary work includes psychophysical experiments, developing datasets by annotating a selection of pictorial procedures in paintings, photometry, 3D topography scanning, optical coherence tomography, and computational modelling.

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