Meet Licklider & Feynman, two new projectors donated to MT
Posted: 18 May 2016 04:49 PM
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Vian was so kind to donate to used Sanyo PLC-XU45 projectors to Media Tech.

We have baptised them Feynman and Licklider, so if you borrow, reserve or adopt them you can refer to them by name.

Both still need a standard AC power cable, as well as an appropriate input cable (DVI-I). Note VGA doesnt work (its a monitor output connection as we found out after half an hr of fiddling).

We have tested them without computers as we were lacking the cable and that worked fine.

The projectors are stored in Maarten’s room, you can contact him if you want to borrow them for your projects.

They are somewhat older animals so do test them if you need them to run for longer time periods such as an expo (and make sure you ventilate well etc).