Call for Papers: Web Science – A New Paradigm in IS-Research
Posted: 17 February 2010 01:12 PM
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“Web Science – A New Paradigm in IS-Research”

Minitrack at
17th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2010) August
12-15, 2010, Lima, Peru


Web Science is a new, interdisciplinary scientific paradigm (or even
discipline) that seeks to understand the Web in its whole with a focus
on technical and social challenges. The AMCIS 2010 minitrack on Web
Science welcomes in particular submissions (1) examining social aspects
of the Web, (2) using Web data for forecasting or other purposes, and
(3) proposing architectural principles of a Web infrastructure for
social software.

The term Web Science was coined by Berners-Lee and colleagues (2006) in
a short Science article. Since than many researchers adopted the
paradigm, organized specialized Web Science conferences and developed
the paradigm further (e.g. Hendler et al. 2008). In this minitrack, we
intend to foster the interdisciplinary discourse between scholars
developing the Web and scholars examining the increasing amount of
networked data in a variety of disciplines such as Information Systems,
Computer science, Sociology, Physics, Management Science, Economics,
Anthropology and Communication Studies.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

• Social Network Analysis
• Semantic Network Analysis
• Web mining for purposes of (collective) trend prediction / collective
intelligence / prediction markets / link prediction / agenda setting
• Social media (e.g. blogs, media sharing sites, opinion aggregators,
Massively Multiplayer Online Games, social bookmarking sites and
folksonomies, social networking platforms (like Facebook, Habbo Hotel,
LinkedIn), and Wikis)
• Diffusion processes (e.g. eWOM, viral marketing, identifying
• Decision Support Systems using the Web
• Theoretical properties of social machines in the Web
• Algorithms for creating social machines in the Web and analyzing
social networks
• Architectural principles of a Web infrastructure for social software •
Cultural differences and social mechanisms on the Web
• Applications of the Web including e-government, e-health, e-science
and other emerging areas
• Collaborative innovation networks (COINS) / virtual communication and
• Random graphs, modeling and simulation, or other approaches to
empirical network analysis
• Trust, privacy, risk, transparency and security
• Promoting the paradigm of Web Science (e.g. curricular and
epistemological underpinnings)

The minitrack is interdisciplinary in nature. We invite contributions
from a broad spectrum including information systems, computer science,
economics, management, sociology, psychology, biology, and physics in
order to take full advantage of methodological broadness. We also invite
practitioners that will enrich the discussions through their experiences
with developing the Web.

Papers will be peer-reviewed using a double-blind system and will be
considered for Best Paper Awards. In 2010, a Best Paper Award for a
practitioner-oriented paper will be selected with input from CIOs.


Submission Opens                     : January 4, 2010
Papers Due               : March 1, 2010
Notification of Acceptance     : April 12, 2010
Camera Ready Copy Due       : April 26, 2010


Please submit final papers via Manuscript
Central( (For more details
see Please note that this minitrack is part of
the “Ecommerce and Ebusiness” track (SIGeBiz).