Looking for a multitouch display
Posted: 17 December 2012 09:37 PM
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Hi everyone,

I’m urgently looking for a multitouch display since the touchtable in the Snellius building can’t be finished on short notice (we’ve been working on that for a couple of months now, without any luck). Is there anyone who owns a multitouch monitor I can borrow for a few days? I realize that this might be an totally ridiculous request, but the project deadline (HCI) is nearby and I’m desperately looking for a solution.

Thanks a lot,
- Jasper

PS. If you know a museum or institution that could possible help us finding a multitouch display, please let me know as well, i’d really appreciate it!

Posted: 18 December 2012 08:40 AM   [ # 1 ]
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Hi Jasper,

For my Bachelor graduation I developed for a mulit-touch table from a company called Spacegorillas.
They’re located in Utrecht. Maybe they can help you out with your problem?
Website: spacegorillas.eu

Good luck!